Nice One Wezzy!

Westcliff, Scunthorpe


Nice One Wezzy was devised by the people of Westcliff estate to dispel myths that the majority of people there smoke in their homes, in their cars and in play areas.

Focus groups were run in the community and concluded that the campaign must come from the people and therefore should be in their language. They particularly liked the personalisation of the campaign name and reference to ‘their’ community ‘Wezzy’ in the branding. This was something the community could take ownership over and use to promote other positive messages within the community.

This campaign used cardboard cutouts of local people who were well known within the community and positioned them along with the key messages around the community.

Community events were used to tie in community photoshoots with giveaway picture frames, balloon releases, colouring competitions, tshirts, stickers, drawstring bags, posters, stickers and newspaper coverage.


Key Messages:


“More than half of us on Wezzy don’t allow smoking in our homes”

Nice one Wezzy!


“8 out of 10 people in Wezzy agree children’s play areas should be a place where people don’t smoke.”

Nice one Wezzy!


“8 out of 10 of us in Wezzy agree cars with kids inside should be a place where people don’t smoke.”

Nice one Wezzy!



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