Nice One Thornton



Nice One Thornton was co-produced with local residents to dispel any myths and misconceptions surrounding smoking in the area through collected data that concluded most people in Thornton (Hull) don’t smoke. The intervention ran from July – August 2012.


Focus group discussions concluded that children were a key priority and at the heart of the community and therefore the project should be promoted around community family events. It was agreed that in order to create a successful campaign the implementation of the project should be centred around a well promoted event that appeals to everyone. It should be promoted through the school, using children’s school bags and should take place not long after school has finished so it’s not forgotten. The children from the youth team could form a promotion team, with support from the mentors at Adelaide School.


The deliverables for releasing the messages into the community included a promotional  ice cream van (tell the driver a norms fact and get a free ice cream or fruit pot), scratchcards, banners, stickers, window vinyls, tshirts, badges, tray mats, info point, balloons, chipforms, cocktail stick flags, fruit pots and hanging luggage tags.


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