Norm & Norma Social Norms Project

Southey, Sheffield 


Identifying key people in the community to help with the delivery of this project, the intervention was to target local residents and dispel any myths and misconceptions surrounding smoking in the area through recently collected research that concludes ‘most people in Southey don’t smoke’.

Community ambassadors used social media, ambient media, a prize draw and brand awareness marketing were used to distribute the messages and make the social norms intervention memorable.

The idea for Norm and Norma came from focus groups and development meetings taking place in the local community centre (SOAR). These characters are your typical northern witty nosey neighbours who can’t wait to divulge some gossip about your neighbours’ habits (i.e. the social norms research results). They were introduced into the community gradually through ambient media on lampposts, lifesize cutouts and social media messages to arouse suspicion.

The campaign started with a Norm and Norma catchphrase competition via Facebook to get the characters faces out in the community early on and get community involvement for providing an authentic local dialect for Norm and Norma. The winning catchphrase became the brand catchphrase used on all materials.

The community wanted to have a novelty giveaway as well as something witty and memorable and therefore Masks were introduced to spread the word and engage further on social media.


Key Messages Included:


  • Most people don’t smoke in Southey. By Eck 3 out of 5 people don’t smoke round here.
  • 37% of people smoke. Congratulations Southey this means that 3 out of 5 people choose not to smoke.
  • 70% of people in Southey do not allow smoking in their home.
  • 80% of people in Southey agree that smoking should not be allowed in children’s play areas.
  • 80% of people in Southey agree that smoking should not be allowed in cars with children.


Over 30 local organisations engaged with the programme.

Including GP practices local shops, Asda, Co-op, Working men’s clubs (Colley and Southey), libraries, Learning Zone centre, community organisations and local forums, Schools, Churches, cafes, and hairdressers.


Facebook activity

  • 77 friends
  • 33 photos uploaded by the public
  • Supporters on Facebook: Southey and Parson Cross Forum/BBC radio Sheffield/Asda Chaucer road, Cross ay Yew Lane and SOAR


Total web visits for campaign duration

3,020 people

Best hits 279 visits in one day on Sunday 23rd September which coincided with campaign activity including mask and balloon giveaways on the streets.


Prize draw entries

152 people entered an online draw signalling that they had digested all five campaign messages before entering.


Press & Media Coverage

Interview on BBC radio Sheffield, support from the Mayor at local poetry event and discussion amongst 200 people on local online news forum.


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