True or False




True or False was a smoking social norms campaign launched across Dewsbury Moor with the aim of dispelling any myths and misconceptions surrounding smoking in the area through recently collected research that concludes most people in Dewsbury Moor don’t smoke.


Through community ambassadors, ambient media, a prize draw and brand awareness marketing we will aim to distribute the messages to as many people in the community as possible to make the social norms intervention memorable.


The main vehicle for getting the messages out was a scratch card prize draw entry flyer. As well as revealing the social norms facts the scratch cards had a number of incentives to get residents to return the prize draw card and therefore allow us to understand how many people saw the messages. The scratch card was a 2-part flyer, one for the messages that the residents can reveal and keep and a tear off part for the entry.

True or False Dewsbury Moor was a digital version of the flyer and was advertised on banners, posters, T shirts, stickers, badges and balloons that were distributed across local businesses, services and at community events.



The campaign ran from October – November 2012



There were 5 key social norms findings which residents had to guess if were true or false – thus testing their perceptions, however it was clear that the answer did not need to be right in order to take part in the prize draw, it simply needed to be their best guess.



1. Promote the social norms on a personal level through as many letterboxes as possible using the scratch card games

2. Saturate the key messages in high footfall locations, ensuring we reach all key audiences – with links to the online quiz

3. Keep the campaign colours as bright as possible to stand out in the surroundings



2500 Scratch card flyers distributed

500 hits on the website /250 entries

Article in the Dewsbury Reporter

8 large banners circulated across 8 sites

1000 stickers and information flyers distributed across schools

100 T shirts given out at local events




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