Nice One Athersley North



The Nice One Athersley North project took place in Barnsley. It targeted local residents and dispel any myths and misconceptions surrounding smoking in the area through collected research that concludes most people in Athersley North don’t smoke.


The key messages celebrated were:


• 6 out of 10 people in Athersley North do not smoke

• 8 out of 10 people say smoking should not be allowed in areas where children play

• 6 out of 10 people do not allow smoking inside their homes

• 8 out of 10 people say smoking should not be allowed in cars with children


The idea for Nice One came from focus group research and community insight meetings which took place at Athersley North FC, a community hub located on the Athersley North estate.

The Nice One theme was developed as it was fed back through focus groups that the best way to engage with the people of Athersley North was to keep messages positive, simple and to be direct with the delivery of them. It was also suggested that to launch this message successfully, it would need to tie into a high footfall event.The focus group and insight meetings concluded that Athersley North’s Bonfire Night event to be held on November 4 2012 will be the best way to reach a guaranteed 1000+ residents at one event in one night.

The direct method for getting the social norms messages to people was in the format of a prize draw/raffle ticket. This will be perforated and have two halves to it. One half will have the 4 key social norms facts on and the other will have the entry data. This meant the residents had to keep the half with the messages on and take it home with them.

Sequential numbering was used to make the prize draw entry look like a raffle ticket and this was filled in and entered by 548 participants at the event upon entry to the venue.

In the two weeks following the event, the volunteers at Athersley North FC also spread the message further by encouraging prize draw entries at football games and during community events such as exercise classes which took place at the club.

The prize draw had a number of incentives to interest residents. By collecting the prize draw entries; we can monitored how many people came into contact with the messages.


In this instance the messages were produced on media that is effective, interactive and relevant to the nighttime event. Ideas on these deliverables also came from an insight meeting with the community and included:


• A branded marquee to run the campaign from, located near the entrance to the event so is visible to everyone entering

• Branded toffee apples with the campaign messages •Branded glow sticks •Branded balloons

• Messages that are lit up

• Photo key rings with the message on one side

• Stilt walkers/fire eaters/performers to help hand the messages out

• Advertising the message/brand at the bottom of the Bonfire Night publicity, going out into the community prior to the event (posters and flyers)

• Face painting/tattoo artists using the messages within their work




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